Soap Sticks Self-Agitating
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GAS, CO2 STICKS (Citric Gas)

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In A Water Soluble Tube

GAS PLUS Sticks are water-soluble sticks designed to generate a gas and provide strong agitation energy to the foaming agent in a totally dead watered-up gas wells. GAS PLUS Sticks contains a high preforming gas producing agent  which together with foam sticks helps kick off dead wells.


3/4 X 15


(Special Order)

1 1/4 X 12


1 1/4 X 15


1 1/4 X 18


SDS Sheet Availeable at

In Water Soluble Paper Tube

ULTRA FOAM SELF AGITATING are sticks that requires no agitation as it has a self agitating agent built in. This stick is also very effective in high brine environments. Primarily used to remove water from gas wells and increase gas production. The foaming action decreases the hydrostatic back-pressure which increases gas production that further enhances the foaming action until the well unloads.


3/4 X 15


1 1/4 X 15




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