About Altachem
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Altachem Ltd. is a 100% Canadian Owned Company. Founded in 1997 to service a wide variety of industries with the focus on Natural Gas & Oil it has been seeking progressive solutions to today’s problems.


A line of Downhole products were developed with the idea of attaining the maximum production for our customers. Altachem’s focus on providing solutions has allowed it to expand and grow through distribution of our products at all Oilfield Supply Stores. Head office, blending and central distribution are located in Edmonton, AB. A solution is never too far away.


Our Products address and solve specific problems related to your production site. Even in extreme conditions where the wells fluid column is more than 70% composed of condensate,Altachem still provides a soluble solution.


Chemical Sticks unlike liquid treatments that only penetrate the upper surface area, released chemical and activate at the source, be it De-watering, Paraffin build up,Salt deposits, Scale, Asphaltenes, Corrosion, as well as rust are all eliminated in the most effective way possible.




"To help our customers achieve the maximum performance from their wells.

Altachem is committed to developing products and services that best meet the needs of our customers"