How to Use a Gas,Co2,Swab Stick
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Gas(Co2-Swab) Sticks are water-soluble sticks, which are filled with a powder which creates the agitation to agitate the soap stick and allow it to form bubble to lighten the load.. Gas Sticks are usually used in conjunction with a high end foamer stick (Super Foam Sticks, Max Foam Sticks or Liquid Foam Sticks (98% pure surfactant) to unload fluids from low pressure or “loaded-up” gas wells. Gas Sticks should always be tried before expensive swabbing to remove the water column. They will vigorously produce agitation when dissolved in fresh or brine water thereby creating the gas agitation needed for foamer sticks to unload fluid in the absence of natural gas percolation. The entire stick will dissolve and foam out with the well fluids.


Drop 1-2 foamer sticks (Superfoam Stick, Max Foam Stick or Liquid Foam Stick) (remember not all sticks are created equal) approximately 1- 2  hours before introducing the Gas Stick. After dropping 1-2  Gas Sticks wait approximately 1 -3  minutes for it to reach the water phase and then turn the well back on the system should unload in a short time, more than one treatment may be required (greater number of foam and gas sticks) if the well is loaded with a great amount of water. The sticks should be alternately dropped down the well first foam sticks then gas sticks .Three to four of each will usually unload a well 5000 feet or less.

More energy (Gas Sticks) maybe required for deeper wells or those with over 5% oil,
which acts as a de-foamer. Wait no more than 30 minutes before unloading the well as the Gas Sticks react rapidly down hole.