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PROTOCOL K – 300I (Cleaner Degreaser)

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. CFIA APPROVED UL Approved ECO-LOGO. Protocol K-300i carries the Eco-logo signifying certification by Canada's Environmental Choice Program, under the C.E.P.A. K-300i employs a combination of biodegradable surfactants and builders in a highly concentrated formula that has incredible performance with the added benefit of low environmental impact. K-300i must be diluted depending on the soil load to be cleaned. For use in food plants, see directions.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail




BioSol™ 310 contains a unique blend of organic solvents, surfactants, emulsifiers, chelates and corrosive inhibitors that ensure faster, less labor intensive cleaning. Excess moisture is dispersed very quickly to accelerate drying time, and a protective finish inhibits flash rust on exposed metals. And, of course, there are no hazardous fumes or hidden toxic by-products. BioSol™ 310 is fully biodegradable, user safe and improves work site safety.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail




BioSol™ 610 is a powerful combination of organic, inorganic and synthetic solvents that stand up to the toughest degreasing challenges. Yet, it does not contain the carcinogen’s or hidden toxins often associated with their use. It’s also 100% active – meaning that it contains absolutely no water. Count on BioSol™ 610 to quickly dissolve oil, grease, asphaltenes, wax, adhesives and organic materials. And, a special blend of additives ensures a clean, residue-free rinse.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail




BioSol™ MegaSol introduces a break through technology that provides a powerful solution to effectively and safely deal with any combination of soil, mud or sand mixed with heavy oils. Other BioSol products are designed to effectively clean either soils or heavy oils, but not necessarily both at the same time. BioSol™ MegaSol's powerful surfactants and wetting agents aggressively penetrate through almost any kind of soil, leaving it soft, pliable and easy to rinse. At the same time powerful yet safe synthetic and organic solvents break up and emulsify heavy oils such as bitumen and tar. In addition MegaSol is designed to inhibit corrosion, eliminate static electric charge, and prevent the redeposition of soils. Whether faced with invert mud, dirt mixed with heavy oil, tar sands or any other scenario with such mixtures, MegaSol will get the job done. And in keeping with BioSol’s rich and unwavering tradition, MegaSol delivers this incredible performance without compromising safety or environmental integrity.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail






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