Laundry Care Powdered Detergents
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SONIC HD (Powdered Laundry Detergent)

This non-phosphate powdered laundry detergent works well for all-around laundry detergent applications. A highly active blend of low suds wetting agents, soil suspending agents, and organic water conditioning components allows this product to perform well in either hot or cold water. It is free rinsing and contains optical brighteners that leave fabrics looking radiant and new. A built-in lemon scent provides fabrics with lasting freshness. (103)

ACL-0103(Sonic HD)





SPEEDUP (Heavy Duty Laundry Powder)

CFIA APPROVED. This highly alkaline, high performance laundry compound is formulated for use in laundries as a break and soap builder. It has great saponification and emulsification properties making it the right choice for cleaning overalls, greasy clothes, wiping rags, and similar heavily soiled items. For specific use in food plants, see directions.(113)






TANGLE (Powdered Detergent)

This non-phosphate laundry detergent is designed for your all-around, everyday washing needs. Utilizing highly active materials, this product delivers quality performance every time. The addition of surfactants and antidust agents makes this product easy to work with in enclosed environments. Overall, this product is the perfect choice for any job where simplicity in product and application is required. A built-in lemon fragrance gives fabrics a lasting freshness. 100% biodegradable.(124)






CLEANIT (Powdered Laundry Detergent)

This unique powdered detergent provides exceptional soil removal along with colour-safe bleaching. It is ideal for top loading machines where simplicity and effectiveness are required. It produces a mild alkaline cleaning solution which eliminates the disadvantages that most high alkalinity powdered detergents present. A built-in lemon fragrance gives fabrics a lasting freshness.(125)