How Does A Drill Bit Stick Work
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How Does A Drill Bit Stick Work

The Answer.

They Increase the drillung efficendy and extend the life of the bit itself.

The coating and foaming action increases the efficency of the drilling process by preventing the clays from sticking and balling up on the drill bit during the drilling operation. The same slick coat and foaming action will also help in prevent the jets on the drill bit from plugging, therefore optimal mud as well as cutting returns are achievedin returning to the surface and improving the rate of penetration while drilling.

By keeping the drill bit in contact with the formation the Drill Bit Stick helps maximize the rate of penetration during your operation. These sticks will work in the presence of both salt and fresh water.

The most common procedure is to drop the number of stick required each time a new joint is added to the drill stem. As the fluids move down the hole the Drill Bit Stick and its surfactants and friction reducers will dissolve and slick up your metal surfaces.

Drill Bit Sticks are

  • Safe to Handle
  • Increase Drilling Efficiency
  • Enviromentally Freindly
  • High Preformance Solution