Green Drilling GumUp Solution
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The Solution For Gummed Up Bits

The Solution.

With each new well you run the risk of losing valuble resources, equipment & Drilling Time with the build up of a variety of clays,muds,aphaltenes and other materials that may fowl up the bit.

This can kill youir drilling penetration and bog down the equipment and ruin the whole day.

It's time to take control of the drilling operation with Altachem's tested Drill Bit Sticks which are engineered to coat the metal surfaces with a hydrophobic barrier that repels water away from drill bits and metal parts preventing gumming up of bits, dispersing the clay keeping ur equipment running smoothly and saving time.

Drill Bit Sticks are

  • Safe to Handle
  • Increase Drilling Efficiency
  • Enviromentally Freindly
  • High Preformance Solution