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BIOSOL KIK (Concentrated Laundry Additive)

BioSol™ KIK is a revolutionary new industrial laundry detergent that’s oil patch tough yet easy on fabrics! With its knockout combination of powerful ingredients, KIK loosens, dissolves and suspends grit and grime for a clean, easy rinse. Wash after wash, clothes look great and smell fresh! Brighter colors, whiter whites… without bleach, corrosive liquids, builders or petroleum solvents.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail



BIOSOL SUPER KIK (Concentrated Laundry Additive)

A powerful laundry presoak solution that stands up to the toughest laundry challenges. It aggressively loosens, dissolves and suspends heavy oil deposits from fabrics (or coveralls) for a clean easy rinse. SuperKik will also lift and suspend light soils and greases preventing these substances from redepositing onto fabric before they are rinsed clean. Unlike traditional petroleum solvents , SuperKik will not damage fabrics, but leave then soft to the touch and smelling fresh.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail



BIOSOL Cheetahfast (Hand Cleaner)

BioSol™ CheetahFast goes to work instantly, safely removing and encapsulation the heaviest greases from your skin in lightning speed. Both lab and field tests have shown that even the toughest grease is no match for CheetahFast, as it is easily lifted from the skin in less then 20 seconds! But don’t be intimidated by its tough image, BioSol™ CheetahFast is as soft and gentle as a kitten, keeping your hands feeling great no matter how many times they are washed.





BIOSOL Cheetahsoft (Hand Lotion)





BIOSOL Armorsol (Industrial Barrier Solution)

Armorsol is an innovative polymetric system engineered to create an invisible barrier for metal and painted surfaces. Armorsol is easily and safely sprayed onton machinery, veichles and equipment where it will rapidly dry and create a hardened coating which can withstand weathert, corrosive agents , abrasion, acids, salts and moisture. It is non - flamable , non - toxic and has zero VOC.Armoursol has been designed to be easily removed with Megasol Heavy Duty Degreaser.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail



BIOSOL Na 8 (Cement Cleaner)

From landscaping to building construction, roadways to oil patch, the use of cement is extensive and the challenges of removing it safely are just as varied as its many purposes. Now, with minimal effort and time, remove old or excess cement with BioSol NA8 Cement Remover. Environmentally Friendly and easy to use, BioSol NA8 Cement Remover achieves optimal results without the use of harmful contaminates. Weather it is aluminum, steel, plastic or painted surfaces, BioSol NA8 Cement Remover dissolves cement without harming the original surface. BioSol NA8 Cement Remover presents no risk to the user and has easy equipment cleanup.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail



BIOSOL Releasol (Asphalt Release Agent)

ReleaSol utilizes a unique and innovative plant based technology that possesses outstanding toxicological and ecological profiles. Though the release agents was specifically developed for use with polymer modified asphalts, it also performs exceptionally well on conventional hot mix. The product is ready to use and requires no dilution.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail



BIOSOL Aggresol(Dust Control)

A safer alternative to calcium chloride and lignosulphonates, AggreSol represents new age in controlling dust and the costly effects of soil erosion. AggreSol creates a dust free surface with superior strength in penetrating, saturating and bonding surface dust and aggregate together. Its non-flammable, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and readily biodegradable.


1025L Tote-205L Drum-20L Pail