Oilfield Division
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Soap (Foam) Sticks

Soap Sticks 

Soap Sticks For Condensate

Soap (Foam) Sticks

Soap Sticks Self Agitating

Sand/Silt/Sludge Disp./Foamer Stick

Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks & Pellets

Asphaltene Dispersant Stick

Soap (Foam) Sticks

Acid & Acid Cap Sticks & Pellets

Scale Inhibitor Sticks & Pellets

Soap (Foam) Sticks

Corrosion Inhibitor Sticks & Pellets

Salt Inhibitor     -Sticks-

Water Soluble Fillable Tubes

Other Specialty Chemical Sticks

Drill Bit Sticks & Videos

Drilling Rig Solutions

Liquid Downhole Foamers

Sand,Sludge Silt Disp. C/W Foamer

Asphaltene Dispersants

Asphaltene  Disp. C/W  Foamer

Paraffin Modifier & Dispersants

Scale Inhibitors

H2S   Scavengers

Corrosion Inhibitors

DeIcing Fluids & Methanol

Water & Oil Soluble Pigs


Industrial Division

Tank Cleaning Systems

Boiler Cleaning & Descaling

Fin Fan Cleaning Core Descaling

Tracer Dye (Concentrated)

Heavy Duty CLeaning

Gen. Purpose Cleaning

Protocol Environmental

Biosol Environmental

Water Based Degreasers

Solvent Degreasers

Acid Cleaners

Vehicle Washing & Janitorial


Altachem Ltd. is a 100% Canadian Owned Company. Founded in 1997 to service a wide variety of industries with the focus on Natural Gas & Oil it has been seeking progressive solutions to today’s problems.




"To help our customers achieve the maximum performance from their wells.

Altachem is committed to developing products and services that best meet the needs of our customers"